Friday, July 17, 2009

The killing of the Killers.

It must be said, the Killers are dead. See Brandon even my ability to rhyme succeeds yours. Harsh words but true nonetheless.

While having a general scobe around t'internet I came across a reference to Believe me Natalie, and subsequently had an urge to listen to the entire Hot Fuss album. It is my firm belief that the Killers, ironically killed the magic of Hot Fuss (excuse the pun). It is a fantastic record in that you can listen to it back to back with out skipping a single track. (Note the rhyme again Brandon,it's not exceedingly difficult!) In my humble opinion, it was all downhill from there. Sam's town was ok; I had wanted for a better word than ok but realised that it's all too fitting because it was just 'ok'. When you were young had the same magic of Hot Fuss and Bones wasn't too damaging to the ears but other than that, a shift in musical vision had taken place and it was not good, the moustache on a usually adorable lead singer did not help matters. And then came Day&Age filled with half-arsed attempts at philosophy in Human and just general ear-ache in Spaceman. At least Brandon was looking pretty again which helped mask the disaster of the music he was fronting. Credit where it's due The world that we live in, is quite catchy and their cover of Romeo and Juliet from the Sawdust compilation is nothing short of beautiful, then again the original was musical perfection so they were almost spoon-fed quality.

All the above said, I still allow myself to subconsciously support the Killers in their musical efforts. Hot Fuss indeed captured a wide fan base, I do not know of anyone who didn't love that album and I can comprehend the bands brainwave in trying to be 'artistic' and 'edgy' or whatever since then but, they didn't begin indie like Kings of Leon, they began globally, thrust into pop super-stardom from the roots. Most of my friends hate the music I listen to but with the Killers in the beginning we found a common ground. They were rock enough to be cool for the likes of myself but pop enough to be recognised and admired by those who embrace whatever the radio throws at them. Bands like Kings of Leon and Oasis began with a struggle of being underground and producing albums which did not lend themselves well to chart recognition before eventually making it big. But with the Killers it was instant and in a way they seem to be going backwards along the route to success instead of full speed ahead.

This is my reason for the consistant references to rhyme. They became a pop phonomonem from the outset and instead of shunning the great success they had been honoured with they should embrace it and give us some good pop tunes to bop around to. Something catchy with a good beat. Keep the indie/rock element by all means but pop it up from time to time. You won't lose any respect, you said goodbye to all that a few years ago with that hair on your upper lip.

Thats my thoughts for today anyway on a different note go see the current installment of Harry Potter, I promise you, you won't feel it a wasted trip. It's appropriately humourous, dramatic, terrifying and heart-wrenching. Sheer brilliance. Although if you're anything like me bring some kleenex, it's emotional.
Until next time!

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