Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You suddenly complete me

Apologies for the lack of posting of late but the end of the summer has been quite busy for me. Helped my little sister pack for college, by which I mean removing all my clothes that she tried to steal from her case. Also had to organise a birthday party for a dear friend. Happy 21st! The sequined jacket took a well deserved trip out and I must say it was well recieved. It went a little something like this:

Spikey animal frill neck top @ topshop.com, black lila ankle zip jeans @ topshop.com, Citrine by The Stones bracelet @ mywardrobe.com, Sequined boyfriend blazer @ warehouse.com, Pagasus lace up @ office.com

Images via store websites

The brother came home today with a request from a teacher on a power trip to write a two page essay on respect. Evidently laughing while reading aloud doesn't go down well. I found myself at a loose end so helped compose this literary masterpiece. It began 'Cambridge English Dictionary defines respect as...' There were references to Aretha Franklin showing respect to the talents of Otis Redding by choosing to cover his hit 'RESPECT'. We compared the need for respect in cases such as husbands not hitting their wives and the need for respect for teachers by not laughing in their classes. Needless to say domestic harmony trumped contolling a sense of humour. We included quotes from the great comedian Tommy Tiernan and world renowned philosopher Rousseau. I think it will be the first and last two page essay my brother will get, from now on it's straight to detention for him.

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