Thursday, November 19, 2009

And so this is Christmas...

Kinda...not really. One thing I hate about Christmas, and believe me there is only one thing, is the hype. That being said I still trekked down to Grafton Street to watch Westlife and the cutest little girl ever, switch on the lights. Louis Walsh was there, my friend Sinead nearly had a coronary when she saw him, she's strange like that. And to whoever started the vicious rumour that Jedward were there, you broke my heart with bitter disappointment, I hope you're happy.

So anyway it's the time of year when letters to Mr Claus are penned. I'm not asking for much, well, just Edward Cullen and a trip to Colette all expenses paid!
With Christmas comes numerous parties and nights out so, Santa baby if under my tree you could sort out all my outfits, I'd very much appreciate it!

Anyway, it's been a while since I've updated college load is getting me down man. Jimmy Choo and H&M collaboration was unveiled since I've been away! I'm not a Jimmy Choo fan truth be told, I find his work to be more dainty and targeted towards the older market and the heels are just too low, basically I've never been speechless over a Choo. I need to absolutely swoon before I hand over that amount of cash. Give me Louboutins or Chloe any day of the
week. But I am impressed. Having an almost swoon over a few pieces...
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