Friday, November 27, 2009

How they scream of you

This song always makes me weep. Not cry, weep. It's beautiful, emotional and strikingly heartfelt. And then, one you hear the story behind it, once you realise it's about the glorious Uaneen Fitzsimons RIP, one you realise she was on her way to meet Paul, that he has only ever been able to perform it in her honour once, once you think about how proud she must be of the success he has made of himself since her passing, once you really really hear the lyrics, this song becomes part of your soul, you feel his pain, you mourn her passing.
A true tribute, a rare honour to bestow upon a loved one, a triumph.

It is songs like this that make music an art form. A piece of poetry with a backing track sets itself apart from all the mindless Cheryl Cole and Flo Rida riff raff that pollutes the radio waves. It stands out and it alters you on levels you didn't even know you had. It's beauty. It's everlasting, iconic and a masterpiece.

R.I.P Uaneen Fitzsimons 22nd of November 2000

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