Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wanting everything just to start at the ending

The 80's have fully returned, it is now official. First came the neon colours, the shoulder pads, the jumpsuits, the jean jacket, the floral tights, the harem pant, the acid wash jean, and now, to top it all off the infamous Gaultier conical bra.
This particular style was made famous by none other than the Queen of pop music, turned overly muscular cougar, Madonna. As illustrated here:
Now, it made its return with the rest of the 80's throwbacks, actually a couple of seasons ahead, in Gaultiers' Spring/Summer 2008 collection:
And again, in Spring/Summer 2010 where the cones were not only bras but also, shoulder pads, and faux pregnancy bumps, I kid you not.
Which begs one to wonder how, in the dying embers of the 80's trend, the conical bra makes it's comeback now? When we were just getting rid of the floral leggings and neon (the shoulder pads and harem pant I like, come to thing of it I'm also partial to a bit of acid wash, but, that's beside the point).
Well anyway, she what wore it first is to blame, therefore blame Dita.
Fortunately she, being Dita Von Teese, can pull it off, it's when Penneys start selling them for a fiver that an epidemic shall ensue.
And when that happens, try to remember nodding along to this post when you're heading to the till with a acid wash, neon coloured, conical bra in one hand and a pair of 3 euro slippers in the other.

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