Sunday, March 7, 2010

The filth took away my licence

No posts this week lovelies. Heading to LDN with the boy to see Stereophonics, shop and sightsee. Can't wait! Stereophonics are my all time favourite band. It's gotten to the stage where even if I don't particularly like a song, I'll download it anyway. I'm loyal like that. I've never ever seen them live, they rarely play in Ireland, and if they do someone is hiding it from me! I remember being devastated that I wasn't allowed go to Slane to see them when I was around 15. And nearly in tears when their gig for 200 in the Academy sold out from under me. This is it, nothing will stop me from seeing them this week, you hear that RyanAir? Nothing!
Having a bit of trouble packing I want to bring too much. Ideally I would swan round London looking like some of these ladies
red bagwhite_bear_coat_London_Fashion_Weekbig_vintage_bagred_hair_London_Fashion_WeekLoopCollerharem_pants

but, seeing as this is what I hope to bring so far. I don't know if that 'London look' is likely!

Knitted boyfriend cardigan, grey skinny baxter jeans, frill front blouse, bloomer shorts, Asher Lace up wedge boots, Kukoo flat buckle shoe @ topshop. reformed polka dot playsuit, Long tab sleeve flannel shirt @ urban outfitters.

Images via stylescout and store websites

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