Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So you made it start, can you make it stop?

Hi, Hi! Apologies for the absence, places to go, people to see, lazying to be done!
Nicole Richie has launched her Fall Collection while I've been away. I must say I'm a fan of Nicoles designer endeavours. She does boho chic like no other and you can envisage her in every piece in the collection.
Sometimes I disapprove of celebrities being handed fashion lines because of their name and not their talents. I mean imagine having wanted to design your whole life, spending night after night sketching, stitching and dreaming only to lose out to Heidi Montag? Is there a more cruel fate imaginable?
In this world of celebrity a name is all you need. However, even some of the biggest names get it very, very wrong.
Beyonces House of Dereon is shocking. It's just Marc Jacobs, Cavalli and Marchesa knock offs, made with cheaper materials, terrible cuts and generally bleuch. The one thing celebrity lines do have going for them is that they can be the face of their own line and essentially design what they wear. Beyonce doesn't even look good in her own designs. To me, that speaks volumes.
You would think Kimora Lee with all her years in the industry would know a thing or two about designing. You'd be wrong. Yuck, yuck, terrible, yuck.
Lauren Conrad, here's an American Apparel t-shirt. I've cut off the label and replaced it with one with my name on. I'm going to charge you $150 for it. That cool with you? Lazy and uncreative, Lauren.
Just because it's offered to you doesn't mean you should. Unless you are Olsen or Richie put the sketch pad down!
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  1. In general, I'm not a fan of celebrity lines, but Nicole's is lovely and Posh's have been quite nice too! That's about it though!

  2. Oh, completely forgot about Victorias...I loved that too! So surnames -Olsen, Richie or Beckham. Sorted!