Friday, April 16, 2010

Things start splitting at the seams

I've always thought I should have been born in a different time. The 1930's or 1940's perhaps. I love all that glamour. The curled hair, red lipstick, pale skin is such a classic look.
I can only imagine what people will think of the trends of the 2000's.
Leggings that cut off half-way down your calf.
Rip offs of the 80's, and anyone who was there the first time knows it wasn't even a good idea then.
The skinniest of jeans, so skinny that they've reached a new level and become infused with leggings to become 'jeggings', I nearly threw up in my mouth just typing that word.
Ed Hardy and various oh so witty slogan t-shirts. If I see 'If found please return to the pub' on one more boys chest I think I may scream.
Velour tracksuits with phrases such as 'Juicy,' 'Bad Gal,' 'Sexy,' and 'Delicious,' written across ones bottom. Classy? I think not.
Uggs, sheep on your feet.
I'm beginning to think that Lady Gaga may be the Twiggy of the 2000's. Better her than Xtina's crotchless leathers or a WAG.

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  1. fake uggs . gas altogether . i get some hoot off the ol slogan t shirts alright