Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ear Candy - 17.6.10

Something I do when I get really, really sick of hearing the same songs over and over on my itunes recently added list, I pick an artist at random. Youtube them, find another artist in the suggestions on the right, and download loads of songs by that artist and then pick an artist related to them and so on so forth. Until I have a shiny new recently added list.
And then, I over play it until the whole process starts again.
Try it. Expand your musical horizons.
You never know where you'll end up and what songs you'll add to your favourites along the way!
Last night I started with Death Cab for Cutie.
Here are some of the best tracks I've found so far.

And the track that started it all...


  1. Lol I know none of those songs! But I love Death Cab...I used Follow You Into The Dark as the closing song when I directed Romeo and Juliet a couple of years ago...twas perfect!

  2. Awh that song's so pretty. Perfect for a Romeo and Juliet play. good choice!