Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The truth is I miss you

Currently obsessing over Karlie Kloss. There is something so conventionally pretty which I find refeshing in a world which finds, the Tyra Banks dubbed 'ugly pretty,' more attractive.
She has a great energy on the runway and makes everything so appealing. Even if it is an absolutely ridiculous ensemble.

She really is incredibly striking. The obsession only began last week when I noticed this photo on Jak&Jil
I mean look! What a ridey ride.

She has great off duty model style. I know they all seem to have a very similar style off the runway but, in my new-found awe, I'm finding that Karlie has an edge. Definite supermodel potential.

Images via style.com, jakandjil.com.blog, fuckyeahkarlie.tumblr

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