Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Come on skinny love just last the year

Friday is the day. Another bumper Frock Candy two week special. (Read: I'm lazy.)
No exhausted is the word. Work has taken it out of me.
My skin is a mess.
I don't think I can foresee a day when I won't smell like beer.
These bags under my eyes are reaching towards my chin.
I seem to always need sleep these days.
Enough moaning out of me. Craic was had.
A huge thank you to Hermia from achicknamedhermia and Zoe Wong of West129 eyewear. I am now the very proud winner of one of these beauties.
Now most people would use it for wayfarers like above. I'm far more practical. Never again will I spend half an hour looking for my glasses, only to realise that they're on top of my head. My life is approaching a simpler time.
Plus, they're so pretty.


  1. haha very practical indeed.
    and I now how you feel about the bags down to your chin...no amount of concealer can cover mine ;)

    thanks for your lovely comment, I found the vintage items in a charity shop in Belfast; there is plenty of good ones :)


  2. haha they're brilliant, also skinny love = one of my favourites ever.

  3. fab :) lovin' new look Elle of the Ball too xx

  4. Thanks love! Thought a change was in order! x