Monday, September 13, 2010

Bow down to my army of tears

The VMA's
Mostly bad.


Florence Welch 09.10
Florence, one of the only daycent looks of the night.
Stephanie Pratt 09.10
It's good. Compared to everything else it's great.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Shoes kill a great look. Would have preferred her hair up. I heart Givenchy.


Oh no she di-in't!
She's ghetto fabulous. Still, feckin' terrible.
One hot mess.
A blue bin liner, if you will.
I mean, jesus, what do ya say?


  1. i absolutely adored florence and her dress :) . gaga's meat dress highly controversial .
    great blog .

    do feel free to check out/ follow 'betsie' at:

  2. Eugh! Not great at all really! Cher is just laugh out loud really...

  3. theres no need for the meat feast on gaga, its sick.i dont get it? Florence is lovli though .x.

  4. Florence looked amazing, but everyone else was such a let down!

  5. Gaga was using the meat dress as a metaphor for our "rights as people", according to the mirror. She's such an oddball.

    I overlooked Stephanie Pratt in my evaluation, she did actually look quite nice. Best of a bad bunch though, really. Hardly groundbreaking...xx

  6. Oh Cher ... what do you even say to that? And is it just me or does Snooki actually look black, rather than 'italian' ...?!

  7. @betsie - thanks! love yours also! controversial or just odd!? :D

    @kelle - who let her out in fairness. she and that outfit should be locked up, seperately

    @skinni - must have been a nightmare to sit in. although practicality isn't Gagas strong point.

    @hermia - I know I was just facepalming my way through. It's not like they don't know they're going out in public!

    @herself - she is a mentler. straight up. i know it's nice. i hate that word, her hair is a little country but i was struggling to find ANYTHING decent so she made the cut!

    @KC - there are no words. she looks like she rolled aroung in mud!