Friday, September 10, 2010

Frock Candy - 10.9.10

Shock week. I'm both shocked by what people wore and shocked by what I loved. Let me know what you think!


She pulls a very tricky dress off. It works. Accessories are perfect. Hair is beautiful. Gorgeous.
It's perfect. The jumpsuit is a gorgeous print. She has looked amazing lately.
This is why we love VB. Love her hair like that.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

I'd give this a Best but the shoes and bag bring it down. Gorgeous dress though and she does look really pretty.
So generally anything Heidi Klum does, I love. I love those shoes but I wish they had been any other colour. The trousers are badly cut and the jacket is too short. I like the idea of a completely orange suit. It's the cut that ruins it.
What in the name of all that is holy has she done to her hair? Ridiculous. That lipstick is very aging. Don't like the shoes. I'm not a peeptoe fan at the best of times and these are just strange. The dress is nice, really like the neckline. The rest just ruins it.
I adore this dress. Shoes bore me and she could have chosen something much better especially for Fashion's Night Out. Her hair looks like it needs a wash. Never thought I'd criticise Blake Livelys hair.


No, no, no. Cut away arms. Weird drop waist, it isn't even at her waist. Bad neckline for big boobage. Bad earrings. Unflattering hair. Could have done with a stronger lip. I got no beef with the shoes.
Clearly the pregnancy hormones are messing with her head. She robbed this from an oversized Russian doll. Hideous.

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  1. wow...leighton meester's dress is beaut-iful. and the shoes..the shoes! daring yet wholly successful..i like!

  2. I love Victoria's dress and the blue lace one. I really don't like the print jump suit though, it seems a bit too big for her. Totally agree with the nots!