Friday, October 29, 2010

Frock Candy - 29.10.10


Yep, fair play Biel. You did good.
One photo, a whole lot of fabulousity.
Stunning colour. It's perfect. Every bit.
She's just so cute!
As is she. I see big things for this Disney kid (or is it Nickelodeon? I can't be sure) Great look. Simple. Pretty. Gold star.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Probably should get a best but, everyone has been raving about her recently and I am, as of yet, not blown away. It's good, there's potential. Stone, once you get a best, you've made it.
She's absolutely killing it. Hair, make-up, shoes. Killing. it. Too bad the dress is so boring.


I was gonna wear a dress like this to go as Minnie Mouse for Halloween. Says it all really.
Who is styling Carey Mulligan? Time to change it up I'd say love.

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  1. agree with you on the Carey front

  2. DAMN YOU Olivia, damn you to hell. I WISH I had her wardrobe. And figure.

    Carey's a mess, unusually. Totally underwhelmed with Emma Stone too. Not there yet. x

  3. ohhh I just wish I was Jessica Biel... I absolutely love that outfit

  4. Another amazing blogpost! Stunning photos - Jessica Biel looks great! As does Olivia... and Mila Kunis (love her!)

  5. ooh haven't seen pictures of freida pinto for a while, she is so beautiful and that colour of dress is stunning!

  6. biel and witherspoon = fab fab fab!! and olivias hair is just LUSH! great pics as usual! .x.