Friday, November 5, 2010

Frock Candy - 5.11.10


It's true love.
60% of the time she gets it right, everytime.
I heart MK. That's it.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

BAD SHOES! Palermo isn't a Best! Yus.
A little too matchy. The red hair is kind of growing on me though.
Bad shoes. Pretty, but not amazing.
Her make up is strange. Terrible shoe choice and hid-eous necklace.


Overkill. Overtoned. Oversparkle. Over it.
Ew. And what the F is up with her hair? Wrong.
She's either on her way home from being a brdesmaid or heading to a debs.

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  1. not feeling the red hair on Rhianna to be honest

  2. Madness, I'd swap everyone BAR Leighton Meester in Fair to Midlin and make them best, and take the best and make them fair to midlin... ooh. controversial. :)

    spot on with the 2001 debutante mendes over there.x

  3. ouch, disappointed with Palermo and I don't mean just the shoes. MK is just sooo stylish

  4. Rhianna looks terrible! I'm oddly fascinated with Kate B's dress tho!

  5. I am so against Rhianna's red hair. And Madonna looks like a disco ball.

  6. Adore MK - she is my idol!
    I actually think Rihanna looks great - think the red hair looks fab on her!
    Leighton's makeup does look a bit strange doesn't it??

  7. Wicked comments!
    poor madge, she hasn't a scooby has she, why doesn't someone tell her? What about Lordes, will she not say, eh Mam, that get-up probably isn't gonna fly, how about you have a re-think. Maybe go with studs OR sparkles and get a bit of class?