Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frock Candy - 19.2.11

I will do a full NYFW What they Wore but there's a little teaser below


This is the first Emma Roberts look I've ever loved. Great bag. The trousers are badly hemmed but it's a breakthrough so props.
KB for CK for ever.
Would never have put her in Lanvin but she looks gorgeous.
That coat. Wowsa.
Emma Watson to a tee. Simple, striking and pretty.
I don't love the neckline but I absolutely adore that she has matched this with red shoes. It's beautiful.
Normally, I would despise this. She kind of makes it work though. No? Ok, just me!
The more I see of this Gucci collection the happier I will be.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

It's nice. It's just that casual Victoria makes me a little uncomfortable.


The dress was bad enough but why wear it with those shoes?
Clearly she's a mega brat and this is her stylists revenge.
Kim needs to get in her time machine. Go back to the early 90's and return this to Mariah Carey. Bleugh.


  1. Posh looks a bit like an ostrich in that coat.. props to Emma Roberts though.

  2. Love Emma Roberts here! But Kim - Uh, Oh not great, too leggy and booby and just no no no!

  3. such a good post. my fave is Emma Watson... ooh or emma stone, totally not like her.

    Kim K let me down big style in that random sequined disaster. Ugh.

  4. WOW! Emma Roberts actually looks really good and stylish and dare I say 'classy'!

  5. What was Vanessa Hudgens thinking all Fashion Week??! ugh!