Monday, February 7, 2011

Frock Candy - 7.2.11

It's oh so late. I'm trying to compensate by only showing the prettiest of pictures! x


One of three Kate looks. Serene beauty. Belongs in a meadow more than on a red carpet. Utterly delicious.
I hate her hair. This is cool though. Love the mix of colours. Adored this Gucci collection. Olivia works it well. Nice accessories too!
God, I would kill for this dress. Not a person, a terminally ill pigeon or something...
Second helping of Kate. Love the boots. And the top of this dress. And actually the bottom too. She can do no wrong.
So cool. She is just so cool. Perhaps would look better with her hair up. Or at least messy. Still, cool!
So unexpected. Can't take my eyes off the shoes. She looks incredible.
All black but still interesting. Loving fur gillets these days. Great hat. Typical Kate. Pure style.
And the third and final Kate. It's like Leightons only I prefer it. Ssssh.
Her face looks amazing. Great shoes. Love the leather detail on the dress. The more I look at it the more I like it.
My SAG awards favourite. Just very quirky and completely unexpected for that event. Love.
Love this. I'm going to emulate it.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

I like her shoes. And her hair. Dress could be better. Definitely a major improvement.
Like her clutch and shoe choice. Dress is a little boring. Not mad on the off the shoulder look.


She's a designer? I hope she didn't design any of this. Or recommend those tights in that book.
This, is child abuse. Her stylist should be sent down.


  1. I love Frock Candy! I think ive gushed about this before to ya!! hahah!! Totally agree on Kate B & Rachel ~ they can do no wrong! Love that outfit on Shenae I think thats her name! x

  2. my favorite look has got to be rachel bilson's! claire also looks super fantastic and i agree with you about leighton's hair. that kind of dress deserves more attitude from the hair. LOVE your blog!!!

  3. hi new blog friend ... loving your work! hawkandfallow xxx

  4. rachel bilson looks stunning! love the blog, your choices are great! xo

  5. I'm such a huge Kate Bosworth fan as you know - she rarely does wrong in my eyes!

  6. "a terminally ill pigeon or something..." love it.

    Love all the Kate dresses and yeah, I hated that last dress as well, but so many people were raving about "Oh it's so bright and age-appropriate". It's ridiculous! Saoirse R can dress age-appropriately and not look like beach towel!

  7. Diane Kruger's dress = I die. LOVE it.

    Lindsay Lohan is doing nothing for me in that LBD... she's trashy looking no matter what she wears, I think.

    Agree on all the worsts too. Esp Whitney Port, she's usually so stylish! x

  8. That gossip girl's dress is incredible...
    her hair and make up are appalling tho.
    Shame! Why be a little different with the dress and then have your hair completely nauseatingly dull.
    It's got me...

  9. Oh god, why put a kid in Prada - esp from a collection that's a little bit hit and miss. It's a wee bit long too - you can't see her feet!