Friday, April 22, 2011

Frock Candy - 22.4.11

This week is much better than last. Even my fair to middlin's i quite like.
It's rare.
I love it.


She's impossibly cute. This dress has the capability to be a disaster but she can pull anything off. Gorgeous.
My favourite Coachella look. Isabel Lucas is a beauty.
These two. Particularly MK. Red is stunning on her.
Interesting choice of colour. I love it. The back is beautifully draped too.
My second favourite Coachella look. It's festival perfection.
Rachel Zoe is a master. Zoe is a stunner.
She's a definite screen siren. Dress is fantastically cut.
Minus the jacket this is incredible. Delicious shoes.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Heavy make up. Like the idea of the colour with a snake skin clutch but I think it's too casual. Shoes could be better.
Bad shoes. Other than that it's simple beauty.


That colour. Ugh. Far too much silk texture here. Too much. Just all too much.
I originally thought this was wardrobe for a film. It's not. She chose this monstrosity for herself.


  1. Cracking blog, your commentary's great. The perfect mix of images and quick witted views.
    I'll definitely be back for more.

  2. Great blog, couldn't agree more, Katherine Heigl's horror will stay with me all day, it could not be more wrong!

  3. oh isabella...can I be you...

  4. Rachel Bilson is perfection in that first one. Wowzles. And yeah, Katherine heigl looks like she's on set of a cheesy Dolly Parton themed movie...

  5. Agree - Isabel Lucas is perfection! I love her look here... and everywhere really!

  6. YES!! First & Second Coachella looks To. Die. For! Loving MK also! Great choices! Xx

  7. love everything rachel bilson wears she always manages to pull it off! x