Friday, April 8, 2011

Frock Candy - 8.4.11


Gorgeous. Great shoe choice. Beiber fever agrees with her.
Same event. It's pretty but I think it's her hair that really makes me love this look.
Great dress. Would love to see this with a heel. Pretty.
Really want those sunglasses. I'm trawling the internet trying to find out where they're from. The Efron break up has served her well. She's dressing better than ever.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

She looks absolutely stunning but, from the waist down it's a mess. Bad shoes. Strange length. Unnecessary belt.
I like the 70's look. I'm just not mad on those jeans. I think it's the pockets.


My god. It's hideous.
Who thought those shoes were a good idea? Bad dress. Despise that fabric. The colour isn't great on her either.
Those boots. Those socks. Those shorts. No. No. No.


  1. love the first look, I'm really impressed

  2. I can barely remember a time when Kidman was well dressed...

  3. Damn those twins. They can do no wrong.. its SO depressing.

  4. Om nom nom the Olsen twins