Friday, June 10, 2011

Frock Candy - 10.6.11


She's a bombshell.
Princess Kate. She's absolutely tiny isn't she? Gorgeous dress. Elegant and subtly striking.
The shoes make this work. The yellow could be overkill but as an outfit it's perfect.
Babe. Loving her leathers. She just glows.
Beautiful accessories. Especially like that watch. And the shoes. Great dress.
Very cute. Summery. Loving the hat with her hair. Summer always makes me want to chop and bleach my hair.

Fair to Middlin'

I'm a big fan of the romantic wistful look but this is a little too costume like.
It's nice. I can't fault anything apart from the plain white tee underneath. And that she looks like a child playing dress up.


Red accessories are too much. Dress is shapeless.
I adored this Gucci collection. And Kim's shoes are great. But no to everything else. She's curvy, we get it. This does not flatter.
Awful hair. The pattern makes me ill. And god only knows why she'd use that clutch.


  1. Kate M. is a total winner for me here although she could put on weight a tiny bit (deep down I'm jealous). Kim has totally ruined it and I'm liking her style less and less (where is her lovely stylist these days?)

  2. That's a great pic of Blake, but I'm such a Leighton fan! How do those ladies get it so right, and Jessica Szohr get it so wrong?! She needs to check this post to see how it's done :)

  3. Blake ! Awwh she's stunning <3

  4. Okay. I NEED to know exactly where Blake got those shoes. They are the identical twins of my favourite ever pair of shoes that my boyfriend accidentally lost the ankle straps from (and I couldn't walk in them then without falling over.

    So you see, I NEED to buy them. Designer or not. :) Help me? xx (great post btw and LOVE the new header)x

  5. Dress is Chloe, shoes are Brian Atwood! x

  6. great picks...and loving the new look!

  7. I love Kate M's dress, but Jesus Christ she looks like she's wasting away!

  8. BOOM! Blake. Wow.

  9. Gah! Ashlee Simpson looks gorgeous!!