Saturday, June 18, 2011

Frock Candy - 17.6.11


Blake is promoting away. Looking gorgeous in both. Love the leopard with the blue, the texture of that dress is heavenly.
To perfect the colour block you really need two beauties.
Minus the shades. She's breathtaking. Like the necklace and the shoes.
She's just a knock-out. Seriously, a life sized barbie. Love the top of this jumpsuit but the legs could be tailored slightly better.
Too pretty. She's improved so much in the last few months.

Fair to Middlin'
This suit could be tailored slightly better also. I do like the trousers though. Would be a Best if it wasn't navy.
Great shoes. She's so athletic looking it's hard to actually like the clothes with her stance in them. Would prefer it if the top of the shirt dress was more fitted, although I do like the pockets as they are so maybe if the bottom was a bit more A-line. A different belt would have helped.
It's not bad, for Ke$ha it's gorgeous.


Hoochy, and not in a good way. Hate that coat. Shouldn't have wore the runners, made what is bad, worse.

JLo á la 1999.


  1. *points pistol at Blake and says* Give me the frock!!!

  2. ouch.. Rihanna & JLo should get personal shoppers-right now

  3. Blake's style is just incredible!
    If only we were all BFF's with Karl and had the extensive cash flow of a Hollywood starlet, we'd be FAB too!

    That white gown is magnificent

  4. Blake can actually do NO WRONG in my books. btw, LOVE the knew look of the blog x