Saturday, August 13, 2011

Frock Candy - 12.8.11


The detailing is beautiful. Draping gold has a very Cleopatra feel. Exquisite.
Pretty. Simple, and oh so elegant. The colour is good on her and her make up is very complimentary.
Love the shoes. The hemline is odd but the dress is flattering nonetheless.
Classic beauty. Those Isabel Marant boots are my firmly on my wish list although I don't think I would have pared them with this look.

Fair to Middlin'

I like the shoes with the grey but I think the top of this dress is a little stiff and it's all a bit bland. Her hair too. All of this weeks' Fair to Middlin' are a case of bad hair happening to good clothes.
The dress is pretty. Very sheer from the back and I'm not sure about the bow neck. Bad hair.
Ann has been slipping a lot lately. The dress is beautiful I just don't think it's very flattering on her. Shoes were a good choice. Bad hair.
Shoes again are a good choice. She has the most amazing figure and this doesn't do her justice. Bad hair.
You're not grunge. You're in glee. I do like this day dress. Simple blue flats are a good choice. The sunglasses are a nice touch with her hair. 


I like it better when she's crazy.
It's a Marilyn Monroe costume.
I have no idea what happened here. I'm assuming it was some sort of accident.

Tyra, Tyra, Tyra. Cop on to yourself.


  1. I LOVE Katie's outfit, but the shoes were a terrible choice!!!!

  2. Emma Stone can do no wrong in my book - feckin' love her!

  3. 1.Katie's (Cruise? is that her surname now?) outift is delicious, but we seem to be unanimous on the shoes = no.
    2. I would kill for the 2nd Gaga dress.
    3. FFS Tyra... Man isn't a big ego the ugliest thing in the world?