Monday, August 1, 2011

Frock Candy - 29.7.11

A whole month of Frock Candy!
Bad, bad blogger.


A little bit in love with this white and brown. Summer perfection.
I think the beauty of this is in the back. That golden metallic is delicious.
She is every inch a princess. Classic, simple and beautiful.
Haven't seen Olivia in quite some time. She remains flawless as ever.
It almost seems like she's trying to hard to be cool but it works nonetheless.
Pretty, age appropriate and darling. Miu Miu is perfect on her.
The red shoes sold this look. The dress is gorgeous but the shoes manage to make it glamorous rather than tacky. Well played.

It's very striking. Armani suits her.
Surprised to see Jessica in Christian Cota. It works though. And I'm a little in love with those shoes.
Just absolutely gorgeous. Her hair is great and the sleeve detail is stunning.
Uh-mazing. Making the Miranda Priestly bow work. I think I quote that film far too much on here.

Fair to Middlin'

Love the lipstick with the colour of the dress. The cut is slightly off and boring shoes keep this from being a Best.
I like the bottom. Not a fan of the neckline. Or her hair. Or her make up.
A better shoe and it would look a little less Real Housewives of New Jersey. Nice print though.

It's pretty but too costume-like. You would think she was on a set rather than at an event.


Old school JLo biiiitches.
It's just bleugh. Colour doesn't work with her hair. Terrible cut. Nice shoes.

Her hair is for a film so I will forgive that. The dress I cannot afford such leniency. It's also Real Housewives of New Jersey. I would imagine, I should probably watch an episode before making that allegation.


  1. Love that gold dress Emma Roberts is wearing - it pains me to say it because for some reason I just don't like her, but she has come into her own with her fashion lately.

    JLo, on the other hand, has been making some bitchin'ly bad choices.

  2. I can't actually decide who is the best from the good ones, a lot of great pics girl!

  3. Princess Kate is just nailing it every time many gorgeous outfits!! Sad to see Anne Hathaway seems to be slipping...I usually love her!