Friday, August 5, 2011

Frock Candy - 5.8.11


She definitely got her sisters style. Love the detail on the shirt, perfect jewellery and a nice hint of orange.
Mix of prints and bright colours works on her cute frame. She can pretty much pull anthing off.
Very cool and I actually really like her hair. Simple and clean outfit works with her grunge gruaige.
The ultimate summer in the city look. Laid back, comfortable and fresh. The top is particularly stunning.

Fair to Middlin' 

Theres nothing particularly wrong with this look it's just very, very dull.
I like the idea but the stars look a little cheap. Her hair would have been better up or a bit more unkempt.


Unflattering shorts. The sunglasses and shoes are a little too gimicky. She seems to be going for a kind of Carry On pin-up look but just falls short and that makes it a bit of a disaster.
Lose the white top underneath. The jumper shouldn't really match the shoes. The trousers are an unusual cut and do nothing for her slim legs.
I can only assume the hat is a joke. The rest is so very early 2000's. The shoes are awful.

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  1. Olivia Wilde's outfit really reminds me of a witch Halloween constume I made when I was six... out of a black bin bag with silver stars glued onto it. Fail for her.