Saturday, September 3, 2011

Frock Candy - 2.9.11

Two weeks of Frock Candy and I can't really find that much to complain about!


The first look is pretty. I'm not a huge fan of prints in general but this look has converted me. Love the length and the neckline. 
The second look is regal. Other-worldly. Her hair is questionable but it works. The dress is edibly delicious. The craftsmanship is Disney-movie equisite. Gorgeous.
Bodycon done right. Kate Winslet needs to take note. The corset detail is beautiful, as is her jewellery. Klum will be styling it to the grave.
Loving Madge in Vionnet. The sunglasses are a nice touch. Also love that she has someone to carry the train of her dress. The original diva that one.
I'm really loving her casual style. Havn't been overwhelmed by her on the red carpet as of yet but, day to day she looks incredible. Great cardigan and sunglasses love the little hint of fur too. Perfect.
Beyonce does maternity. And looks fitter than almost everyone. Bow down to Queen B.
It wasn't to everyones taste. I've heard comparisons to Morticia Adams thrown around. But, I think this is stunning. Shoes are perfectly subtle and the neckline is exquisite.
My all time favourite Gaga look. 
And my favourite Rhianna look for a long while. Her hair is perfect like that. 
Nicole and Victoria Beckham are two designers whose clothes are obviously designed with their own style in mind. This House of Harlow and Winter Kate ensemble is very Nicole. I love the bag and her hair is nice change from the boho look she usually favours.

Fair to Middlin'

Things i like: her dress. The fact that her face looks constantly airbrushed and perfect.
Things I don't like: Her shoes with the dress. Cleavage. Her boring straight hair.
I do like the dress but it is a textbook case of the dress wearing her rather than Miley wearing the dress.


This dress is what I imagine Anna Wintour or Kim Kardashian would consider gym attire. Its contouring does flatter Kate's figure but, she is toned as it is and in this dress her muscles put the Situation to shame. Never wear a dress which looks like it's made from lycra on the red carpet. Not even if you're Lady Gaga.


  1. God, I can't get over that Mary Katrantzou dress. Want one.

  2. Love Kiera, Love Katrantzou. so boom, the first photograph did it all for me. WOW.

  3. Kelly Rowland looks like she has a cat clawing its way up her front..

  4. LOVE :) my first comment in months, but I love this post, the Beyonce mention is the cherry on the cake.

    I'll have to be controversial and say I don't like the Katrantzou... x