Saturday, October 8, 2011

Frock Candy - 7.10.11


She looks unreal. Angelic, stunning, perfect.
Cute dress love the collar against the black. Great shoe choice and love her lipstick.
There are too many things to love about this photo.
Palermo perfection. Dress is beautiful. Great shoes and earrings. 
Edgy and yet still very pretty.
Love this look. Her girly hair is a nice change. Great dress.
Loving Kates play on colour lately. Simple shoes keeping this understated and simple. Beautiful.
She is an absolute Hollywood siren. Stunning in every sense of the word and glamorous in the best possible way.

Fair to Middlin' 

I like the skirt and shoes. The jacket looks a bit ill fitting and her hair is not good.


From the knee down it's a mess and from the knee up it's frumpy. Surprising Olivia.
It looks like it's eating her. Shoes are overkill.
Now I know I said head to toe white had graced the S/S catwalks but there comes a time when you need to look in the mirror and say 'maybe this is a bit much.' Use the hat to cover your see-through trousers KimK.
You need a bra and a stylist.

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  1. I'm actually loving your blog! Great style inspiration & all that. But most of all I'm loving your comments "It looks like its eating her" ha great!

    Wanna follow eachother?