Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I saved it, I waited, I called it.

I'm going out tomorrow. 
The bestie is back in town. 
Last time we went out together we spent the night running from bouncers, hiding in what appeared to be a storage room with a random crying stranger who got sick in the mop bucket, crawling into the DJ box to use the microphone to find aforementioned crying stranger, before getting kicked out. The next thing we remember is walking into McDonalds, where all we could order were breakfast McMuffins. 
Tomorrow should be eventful.
I plan to look stylish when we make the Six-One News. 
Therefore, I need your help.


  1. no.1 all the way+the lipstick ;)

  2. Love the collar and the green boots - so number 1 me thinks!

  3. that chain collar=STYLESEX

  4. I fall into a never ending glitter splash of love and peace the walls around me spin into luxury chocolate bars wrapped in violet bows fairies dance across the room and the world drips rainbow colors of midnight groovy vibes each of your posts is excellent and i love your blog Keep It Up X Mercury Moonshine Dutchess "Spreading Love Around The Dublin Streets Since the Full Moon Was Born" Catch Me Down at Georges Arcade Throwing Glitter on the floor

  5. I hope you wore the first one! I love. No Doubt!

  6. Thanks for your comments! I went with the first look! But, the second got an outing for the cure the next day :) x