Thursday, September 17, 2009

The scars of all I'll ever know

So evidently, there has been a helluva a lotta fuss over criticism from Style Bubble and The Stylish Wanderer about this Christopher Kane creation. I'm sure you've seen it but heres a photo anyways...

Christopher Kane Chimp jersey T-shirtImage via netaporter

The main issue was the fact that New York fashion week was literally littered with these t-shirts. Comments on this did not go down well with the readers, presumably because these readers had perhaps jumped on the Gorilla Dress bandwagon and were a little touchy about having their style 'dissed', so to speak.
Me? Well I personally liked this dress when it first came out, I thought it quite innovative and creative (what else would you expect from Christopher Kane?) and then I saw a photo of Rihanna and was put off.
Now I do agree, it is everywhere. And the imitations annoy me more, at least at NY Fashion Week there was the reassurance that the dresses were the real McCoy.
Nothing annoys me more than forking out a fortune only to see someone else wearing a copy that they paid a fraction for sure, mine will last longer and sure, I had it first but, mine was 200 smackers and she got hers for a tenner and I am SICKENED. Good day!

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