Sunday, January 10, 2010

To die by your side well, the pleasure, the privilege is mine

So I was going to dedicate two posts to music however, upon trying to create the 'music peeps I think will be big in 2010 and so forth' I realised that I cannot possibly predict such a thing.
I mean, there could be musical prodigies in the making who have not yet realised that they are in fact musical prodigies and, for the most part are currently concerned with, homework and hitting puberty and getting bullied and having their first kiss all so that they can write deeply soul-searching songs that will no doubt influence the decade of 2010.
So, for now, I'll let them get on with it and instead I give you one post of music which influenced the 00's and that which I believe has the ability to continue to influence the 10's.


Bloc Party
Quality music which I personally, believe has staying power. Unfortunately, their record company didn't and it would seem Bloc Party will be no more. (For the forseeable future anyway)

Personally, not a fan. Whiny and pretentious in my opinion and yet, I can't deny that they played their part in defining the 00's musically. Hate them nonetheless.

The Killers
Started the decade in an amazing fashion. Mr Brightside a tune of timeless quality. Unfortunately, their success began to deteriorate towards the end. A revival could be on the cards for this decade, I wouldn't put money on that though.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Big in the early 90's, even bigger in the early 00's. Pure magic and then they disappeared. Come back! (That's directed at you Frusciante)

The White Stripes
Elephant was a decent album but, with the absence of Meg I think the band will remain in the 00's. Hopefully, Jack and either The Raconteurs or Dead Weather can keep the music alive. (God, that is a terribly cheesy sentence)

Damien Rice
Where'd you go? Soulful, acoustic, beautiful. Stop letting Lisa Hannigan fill the void and release another album before it's too late Damo.

Ok, those bands are pretty much left behind in the 00's. Well, maybe not Coldplay but, we live in hope.


Arctic Monkeys
Everyone loved them, Alex let his hair grow out and then everything changed, the music remained at it's unparalleled standard of brilliance. The lyrics man, the freakin' lyrics.

Mumford and Sons
Personal favourite. Only came into focus towards the end of 09 and hopefully they are a herald of great music set to grace Ear Candy lists into 2010.

Bon Iver
Formed in 06. Album is called For Emma, naturally this curries certain favour when compiling this post. I like things with my name on.

Florence and the Machine
Much internal deliberating over whether or not to include Ms Welch. I fear that there is the potential to go in the same vein as The Killers, and start off with phenomenal success only to fail to live up. However, love conquers all and thus, she made the cut.

Big in 00's and with a new album in the process of development I can only imagine they will continue in their success. Remind me of a modern day Smiths, which is quite an accomplishment. Although, I'm sure many would disagree with me on such a comparison.

The XX
Going to absolutely take off in the next while, so soon that it has already started. Amazing band.

Two Door Cinema Club
You may have not heard of them yet, but u shall. Incredible.

There are a million more but, hope you find something new anyway!

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