Friday, March 26, 2010

All the things you can fit inside a memory

As achicknamedhermia wisely said, blogs are abandoned on Fridays and Saturdays, for some strange, universal reason unbeknownst to her, or in fact me. Nevertheless, my Friday and Saturday are shaping up to be party central so, I could, quite possibly, neglect the blogsphere for Sunday too.
Heading to a party tonight in a log cabin by the lake. I know, creepy. Should I be the sole survivor of that horror movie, I'll be off to a Battle of the Bands final tomorrow in which a friends band Shouting at Planes are competing for a spot on the Queens Head Stage at Glastonbury 2010! Good luck!
On Sunday I'll either be dead, or (in the hope that the axe murderer at the lake does take a liking to me) I'll be too hungover to type, or get out of bed, or eat, or hear loud noises, or..well you get the idea.
Heres something to get you over the weekend.
'Til monday!
05032010 by Hudsalva.

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  1. LOVE that photo of the girls in the bath! hopefully there will be no axe murderer but only fun and games... and maybe a bath! have fun, love your blog