Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fabricated disbelief

I've always thought that fashion and style were the same thing.
Well not always but, back in the day when I was a little tomboy; playing football at school breaks, wanting a bmx for my birthday and when my favourite item of clothing was a Ireland away jersey with Duff 9 on the back, I kid you not. God, Damien Duff you were quite the ride.
Sooner or later, I realised that there are plenty of people who are fashionable but, not so many have style. Vanessa Hudgens, for example, rarely wears something too horrendous. Follows trends, rarely sets them. Sienna Miller essentially created the boho trend which took over a whole summer. That's right folks Sienna Miller controlled a season. Fashion is Lady Gaga, fashion is Cheryl Cole. Style is independent of fashion, it is wearing something four seasons out of fashion and carrying it off in a fresh, unique and inspiring way. Fashion is the essence of time but, style; style transcends time.
Expect a lot of rambling, I'm off for two weeks!


  1. converse rock! i like your banner, what editorial?

  2. Stockholm and South: I have no idea where I found it I'll have a look and get back to you! Definitely Miu Miu though!

  3. spot on . i have no interest in fashion tbh but OBSESSED with clothes x