Thursday, March 18, 2010

An open letter to Skins.

Dear Skins,

I realise that my decision to pen this letter has probably come around too late, given that the final episode of this series is due to air tonight. However, I have many grievances to list. One, with the last group, you killed Chris. I loved Chris. Everyone else fancied Tony, were charmed by Anwars stupidity, adored Sid, loved Maxxie (in that kind of I know he's gay but still way and not in the I'm gong to hide under your bed and dress like a boy kind of way). I, loved Chris. He was a sweetheart and you killed him. For that, I have just about forgiven you.

Two, you made Cassie run to NY. I didn't love Cassie, I liked her clothes but in the second series she got kind of bitchy and than before. Sid did love Cassie and you made her leave him. No-one likes a sad Sid. I mean his Dad had just died what more can you do to him! Anyway, I accept that, for the purposes of entertainment, emotionally torturing characters has to be done. I'll let you away with that one.

Three, you're mean to Cook. Panda and Thomas still aren't back together. Katie 'fucking' Fitch can't have babies. Naomi is a bitch. I'll let it all go.

But FOUR, you make Effy unlikeable (don't think that's a word but you know what I mean) and even though people don't like her you expect us to believe that a psycho-therapist (see what I did there) would KILL FREDDIE FOR HER!! You can't kill Freddie! I know it's ending but, if you kill Freddie you may as well just kill Effy AND you've already killed Chris! I may not even watch the next series, no that's a lie, I will. But, so help me if Freddie is dead won't be happy! What a threat.
Don't do it!

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  1. totally agree! they shouldn't have killed freddie! and effy is so annoying now