Friday, May 21, 2010

I would die for you, my love

I've made this blog decidedly impersonal. Sure, you get my opinion on all things fashionable and musical but, aside from my tastes I've left a lot of me separate from Elle of the Ball so that one day, should someone I know stumble across this blog I don't feel vulnerable and violated, like they've read my diary or gone snooping through my room, or are Edward Cullen listening to my thoughts.
I think it's better to hold on to some sort of anonymity but, lately I think that the reason my favourite blogs are my favourite is because I feel like I know the blogger, like not well but I could say things like 'Oh I could totally see Karla wearing that', or 'that is such achicknamedhermia thing to say!' It's that sense of insight into someone that keeps you coming back to their blog.
So, in the future you may get more glimpses into my life.
Don't be alarmed I'm only twice as strange as I may seem.
On that note, I leave you for the next couple of weeks to do exams, the joys! I'm studying English and History which I love and tolerate respectively. You may remember me saying that I should have been born in a different time, well I've discovered the Elizabethan period is my inner era. I like to read so, ya know lack of tv and internet wouldnt be such a big pain and, I can hold my breath for like an unnatural amount of time so the whole corset thing would be no problemo. Also, I believe my neck is superhumanly strong so could probably have gotten the better of a guillotine, should it have come to that.
Anyway, I was born in the 90's, and so as much fun as the Elizabethan era would have been, I'm kinda glad I didn't miss out on Sonic for the Sega and BN's.
So, I must bid you Adieu until these exams are over, and I've slept properly. Then its summer which means I can pick up a book which is not from a reading list, and sort out my itunes library, and finally learn how to drive, and properly have a go at writing, and be lazy, and go out, and plan a holiday, and update the blog loads!
'Til then!
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Little J, along with horrible extensions and a self indulgent 'the world owes me' attitude, also has a song. Although, I can't stand her, the song isn't awful and is growing on me. What do you think of her efforts?

Images via fffound, for the stars will rise again and audrey hepburn complex.

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