Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's like forgetting the words to your favourite song

Sorry. I know I said Tuesday but alas, my laptop was MIA so was not to be.
I was right about one thing, Kate Bosworth wore Valentino.

Spectacular display.
For those of you who have not yet seen them, here are some of the very best.
alexa chung met ball 2010 01
Always, always trust the Chung. Even when you can't really understand why she picked out something that a matador would wear to a funeral she will make it look amazing. Or maybe that's just through my adoring eyes.
nicole richie met ball 2010 05
You're boho Richie and I love you for it, honest I do. But, in this case hair up!
sarah jessica parker met ball 2010 06
I would have lost the matching hair thingy but, meh, each to their own.
kate bosworth met ball 2010 01
I'm so clever. She looks incredible.
sienna miller met ball jude law 03
She stole the show. And I hate that expression but she did I mean look!
emma watson met ball 2010 05
Beaten by Sienna for her shoe choice. It was a tough call but, I had to be slightly impartial. I still love you forever Watson.
chanel iman met ball 2010 02
Every girl should have a gold sequined jumpsuit in her closet. Love.
diane kruger met ball 2010 joshua jackson 01
Simply perfection. The sleek hair and clean underdone make up top this one off just lovely.

Anna Wintour, could you invite me next year? :)

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