Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ear Candy - 10.6.10

The soundtrack for the upcoming twilight film has been released.
I am a Twilight Saga fan, mainly due to Robert Pattinson's face and Taylor Lautner's abs.
Despite that I have numerous issues with the franchise.
Bella-whining, moaning, needy, hypocritical Bella. This girl represents everything I hate in people. She is so self involved it's incredible. Also in New Moon the whole not eating and having nightmares thing sends such a bad image to young girls everywhere. Those 13 year old youngsters are going to think this is a rational and acceptable way to behave over a boy. She cuts out all of her friends and devotes herself completely to Edward and it's wrong, so very, very wrong.
Kristen Stewart doesn't help matters either. Her whole 'Oh I hate cameras and people looking at me' attitude. Sure ya hate it love and like sure it's not your fault. It's not as thought you chose a career which had the element of public eye attached, you just chose to be an actress. An actress who went after huge roles in big productions. Ah no, Kristen no-one should bother you at all.
Stephanie Meyer - Yeah great story and all, but my god you write like a twelve year old. The characters contradict themselves throughout the books. The way you have other characters describe Bella as brave and strong when she does things that are so desperate and needy is just plain silly.
Twilight is awful. Yet I'm still going to see it.
Anyway, aside from Robert and Taylor another thing it has going for it is the fact that, Twilight does have a good soundtrack.
Although some pretentious, music snobs take great issue with the fact that people who haven't heard of most of these bands are now listening to their music. It's ok music snobs, we get it, you heard them first, before anyone else liked them you liked them. We hate them compared to how much you like them. Whatever...
I personally feel that it's a good thing to get these amazing artists the recognition they deserve. Even if it does come with the price of association with Bella.
Here are some of the best Twilight soundtrack songs.

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  1. You've seriously hit several nails on their heads there....

    1. Kristen Stewart needs to cop on and realise that she is a role model whether she likes it or not. And if she hates fame so much, hand back the millions she's earned and go live as a hermit.

    2. Bella is a poorly written character that sends the most irrational ridiculous and dangerous message to young girls. Stephanie Meyer should be ashamed...

    3. The music snob thing? YOU SAID IT, SISTER. I hate those "I-liked-that-obscure-band/song-first-therefore-I-am-God" mentalities. Who cares? If you were a true music lover you'd be delighted more people are getting to enjoy the undiscovered talent you may or may not have unearthed.

    GREAT post.