Friday, June 11, 2010

Frock Candy - 11.6.10

Experiment. Hopefully this should become a weekly thing. Every Friday click over to Elle of the Ball to find ridicule and praise of celebrity wears from the past 7 days. Please let me know what you think and feel free to email me any fashion disasters or triumphs you come across.
We'll see how it goes!


Rachel Zoe and Jessica Alba are a match made in heaven. I've always liked her style but she has never looked better. That leather vest is gorgeous.
A relative newbie. Victoria Justice has potential. Is it wrong that I love her nail polish more than her shoes?
It's oh so simple and chic. It looks like she just threw it on. And looks like that are always best. Well, when they turn out like this and not Kesha down there!

Fair to Middlin' sure

I like it until the leggings and the flats. That grey cardie looks so comfortable but, the leggings kill what could have been a really simple, cute summer look.
It's hotel curtains. Hanging on a person. Black earrings? Why? And Taylor your hair is so much better curly. Don't do that love, don't play with the straightener. Shoes are ok. Just ok.


I don't understand you! Have a shower!
She looks like a severely unhinged bee-keepers bride. It's so Gaga that had it been for any other occasion it would have got a fair to middlin' sure but, dear Gaga wore this to her sisters graduation. I can imagine that morning as she put on her cap and gown she thought to herself 'Finally one day where it's about me, everyone will be taking my photo and here to support me.' And then Stephanie rocks up like this.

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  1. Totally agree with your comments. Jess Alba looks beautiful, most definately whilst Kesha looks like a tramp and not in a cool trashy chic way <3

  2. Jessica Alba = amazing, constantly.

    Taylor Swift looks like a Sound of Music throwback, and Kesha? What. A. Mess.

    Totally hilarious about Gaga's sister. No one in the world looks special next to the Lady. And she knows it. I'm sure her poor sister is used to being in the shadows, sad as it may be.

  3. i LOVE victorias dress! i saved this photo to my computer when i first saw it.. i actually have no idea who she is!