Monday, June 21, 2010

If cupid's got a gun, then he's shootin'

I am currently on the lookout for the perfect white shirt. Sheer, drapes beautifully, slightly oversized, silk with pockets on the chest and the perfect collar.
Sadly the universe is trying to keep me and my perfect shirt apart.
Also, should you be in a situation such as myself, whereby you love two pairs of shoes but, unfortunately you can only afford one. Which would you choose?
SILVIA Overlasted Platforms SAFFRON Strappy Sandals

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  1. I have the exact same issue with the universe, but instead of the white shirt, my quest is to find the perfect slouch handbag and the perfect casual-to-fancy blazer.... What is with the universe?! I've been sending it positive vibes since 1988 and NOTHING. :P

    I'd go for the red pair, by the way. Three reasons:

    They'll INSTANTLY dress up any plain outfit, cos they're so loud (in a good way!), they'll lengthen your legs, which is always a good thing (as opposed to the grey ones, they'd shorten your legs cos the straps go up so high) AND I just LOVE red shoes....

  2. Oh my gosh so am I, I'm looking for one for my fashion find for July! I put the feelers out on Twitter for ideas but didn't get much back, so the search continues! Any help is much appreciated!!!! styleisle.x

  3. Finding the perfect white shirt is a hard task, I am still looking. Good luck :D

    great blog <3


  4. cool photos! great shoes!