Friday, June 25, 2010

Frock Candy - 25.6.10

Dresses and geek chic are up for scrutiny this week. As before let me know what you think!


Not a Hudgens fan, now her boyf, i like. This outfit I love. I have said this about Vanessa before, she's a fashion follower but not a trend setter. This is a perfect example. It's lovely but not ground breaking and maybe that works for her just fine. I certainly love it...maybe minus the belt, but I won't get too fussy.

Demi Moore is my idol. I want to live in a world where we all grow old looking like Demi. Should that involve surgery, I frankly don't care. I want to look like this, even now, I'd be happy enough. Bad shoes though love. Great specs.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Now, in general I am a majaa VB fan. I love the boots. Love 'em. I kinda think this dress would work if she didn't implant the balloon boobies. Love the watch. Bag is blah. Her make-up is kind of odd, it's a little youth disco, the kind of I have no idea what I'm at so I'm just going to pile this orange substance on to my face look. Hair is grand but, I kind of miss the pixie.

Bad jacket. Ok shirt. Great sunglasses, just great. I kind of love the trousers and shoes. If Alexa Chung wore them it would work but Jessica just can't really pull it off. Maybe she can, but this whole thing was not put together well, at all.


Oh god, it's just so trashy. I don't get her so maybe I'm supposed to appreciate it in some kinda Gaga-it's crazy but it's her way. I don't though. I think she looks cheap and just, bad.

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  1. Oh no Katy Perry. Totally agree on all although i'm near certain that you would potentially choose to be Demi more for Ashton Kutcher rather than her great botox right? Swooning over Vanessa Hudgens Wang bag. True she may not set trends but she sure can work a maxi dress like no other..

  2. Katy Perry always seems to have a trashy vibe about her...there have only been a few rare occasions where she's pulled off classy. And it's a pity because she is so naturally beautiful and has an amazing figure... Jealous of that.

    Fave thing about VB's look is the watch/gold bracelet combo. Not a fan of the dress and her balloon breasts, and I think she's a bit toooo skinny, altho that's personal preference. x

  3. I love Demi's glasses!
    Yeah I used to love Katy, because her style was so quirky and girly, but now you're spot on...she's just trashy!

  4. I love the grey maxi dress! Your soo right about Katy, YUCK!!!

  5. ugh..i just cannot stand Katy Perry..nothing to do with her engagement to a certain Mr Brand of course...

  6. Katy Perry's outfit is AWFUL!!! Alexa and Jameela are my favourites - such natural beauties.
    Stumbled across your blog today and really like it! I get so excited finding fellow Irish fashion bloggers! I look forward to reading back through your posts. Check out our blog if you get a chance, we'd love your feedback - follow if you like what you see!
    Happy Blogging!