Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoe

According to the Express the average woman will spend over £16,000 on shoes in her lifetime. What a load of BS.
Perhaps that is my shoe obsession talking but, should I be fortunate to own all the shoes I desire in my lifetime, the expense will amount to far more than £16K.
People mocked when Carrie Bradshaw declared that she had spent over $40,000 on her amazing footwear collection. Miranda raised her eyebrows in a way that said 'My god, on shoes are you serious?'
My initial reaction was also 'Really?' After reading the article however, I thought about it a bit more.
Fortunately, I have been gifted some beautiful shoes over the years but my entire collection is up there already, and I'm only 20. As a poor student I can't purchase all round me but when I join the employment forces I'll be able to indulge in all the shoes I drool over and I imagine that the shoe section of my wardrobe will need it's own room.
Am I alone in this? I'm not into jewelery. A couple of rings are as far as I'll go. I don't even have my ears pierced for crying out loud! My head cannot handle a hat. They just don't work. I like a good handbag but more often than not, if I have pockets the bag stays at home. Shoes are my accessory of choice.
I like to let clothes speak for themselves and not hide them behind a huge necklace but, a great pair of shoes make an outfit. They turn a LBD into a statement.
£16000 won't cut it with me and heres why.
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  1. Agreed 16k is never going to be enough. If you pull together all the crappy shoes that lasted you a couple of months and then all the high end designer ones that last you a life time. and Then i'm fairly fickle when it comes to fashion so i'll go through quite a few pairs.

    Thank you so much for your comment, lol I didn't have 3 friend as 1 dropped out, but we had a dipsy and lala and a po backpack as our substitute <3

  2. "Emmaheartsshoes it's not just a web address, it's a way of life."

    Lovin' your dedication. And yeah, I'm not even close to your level of adoration as far as shoes are concerned (altho dont get me wrong, I loooove a great pair of shoes), but my total will definitely surpass the 16K mark and I'm a poor recent graduate with a dangerously low bank balance. :)