Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bang you're dead, here's your silhouette

I'm getting my hair cut.
I hate the pressure.
As someone wise once said, 'you're only as good as your last haircut'
beccabrilliance:(via bloodinthesubway)

Ah fook it, I'll just get a trim.

Oh, LOVE this.

Images via tumblr


  1. Oh blimey. I want nearly all of those hair do's 1-5 and gimme the last one. Amazing!

  2. hair! i'm thinking about getting a karen elson style fringe but not sure if i could pull it off.
    love hte chanel couture hair <3

  3. I think you could! Fringes can be a nightmare to maintain but, they look so damn cool!

  4. ahhh I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow! Needs a really really good trim and to be hightlighted..was supposed to be growing it, but it's getting kinda scary..
    great pics

  5. haaaa thats what i do everytime i'm getting a haircut...weeks of thinking about what to get done, then just 'ah a trim will do'