Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ear Candy - 7.7.10

Tis a day early lads.
I want to dedicate tomorrow to couture.
Also, all you lucky Oxegen heads are away to a field in Kildare so I decided to dedicate today to you. I hope you're all packed. Here's a little check-list of what you need to bring and who you must see.


Drink - loo roll - a toothbrush and toothpaste - plastic bags (to keep dry clothes dry and mask the smell of wet clothes) - cereal bars and crisps (aside from a dodgy burger you won't eat much else) - baby wipes - deodrant - dry shampoo - tickets! - ID if you have a baby face - tent - time of the month necessities should you be unfortunate enough - sleeping bag - plasters - a flag - a lighter


Wellies (unless you're in the VIP bit you won't get away with cute boots.) - knee socks, wellies leave marks on the back of your legs - a dress/shorts - parka/mac - hat - sunglasses - something comfortable and for the love of god don't try to wear a playsuit. It might look cute but with the portaloos it's just not worth it. Also I know I raved about Florence in her maxi but don't try it, as much as we want to, we won't look like that. It will be dragged through mud and, most likely ripped. Use a bag that straps across your body and closes securely.

Some genius boys filled a wheelbarrow with all their booze. Far handier to carry it like that. Also great for throwing your bag in for the trek to the car park at the end. You won't be fit to carry it believe me.
Have your drink in plastic bottles too they won't allow glass.
The baggage check is a piss take so don't stress if you've nail scissors with you they won't find them.
Don't bring your digital camera bring a disposable, it's not fun having to look after stuff at least you won't mind losing a disposable and it's hilario getting the photos printed out.
Buy a timetable thing on your way in, it's a tenner well spent. OR better yet, print out this bad boy and make your own.
I brought a hand mirror, I wouldn't advise it. It's far more enjoyable to be blissfully unaware of the shtate of ya! Use a compact for applying a little make up and leave it at that.
Visit the dance tent.
Don't attempt to try and conquer one of the funfair rides if you're hammered. You will vomit.
Mark your tent so it can be found after a 3am trip to the portaloos. Dorty.

And finally...
Listen to

Friday @ 2. To ease you into things and to soothe your aching head from Thursday night antics
Friday @ 4.25 Apparently she's great fun
Friday @ 5.35
Friday @ 7.05 If you all go see them I'll be so so jealous.
Friday @ 11

Saturday @ 2. Be buzzzin' lawds.
Saturday @ 3.15 Promise me you will, promise?
Saturday @ 5 My new loves.
Saturday @ 7.05 May be your only chance seeing as every time she plays Ireland it sells out in 3 seconds.
Saturday @ 8 Go on
Saturday @ 9 Go on
Saturday @ 10 Go on
Saturday @ 11 Not a Muse fan. I''d go for Starlight which I'm betting will be the closer so before that you'd find me pullin' shapes to this finer.

Sunday @ 4 Today would start off fairly mellow. You'll see what's coming. I'm hardcore.
Sunday @ 5.35 You're the chocolate at the end of my cornetttoooo!
Sunday @ 7
Sunday @ 7.55 This is where it all gets a little rushed. And presumably blurry.
Sunday @ 8.35
Sunday @ 9 I doubt it'll happen but if you can only handle 25 minutes of Faithless and need to calm down for a bit. Go find Laura
Headliners on Sunday @ 11
Choice is great here. There's Mumford and Sons. There's Eminem. Great debate over this as Eminem is kind of a once in a lifetime deal. I think I'd head over to the Main Stage to see him but only after I've seen these crazy fools. Would be brilliant in fairness.

I'm so jealous! If you're going have a brilliant time. Let me know how it goes and who you went to see! If you're not going. Let's all sit in a tent outside mine, I'll make a playlist. We can wear wellies.

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  1. Lovin' the post :) Loads of super tips. I'm not going to Oxegen this year either. There is talk of Pukkelpop in Belgium in August but no decisions yet. Just did a similar festival tips post and we overlap on some....great minds and all that! xx