Friday, July 2, 2010

Frock Candy - 2.7.10

Mixing it up this week with a Glasto special. Festival fashion over the last few years has gotten a bit monotonous. Biker boots, denim shorts, tribly, and a scarf has become the uniform for the Kate Moss brigade. Coachella is a little more adventurous, although I can't imagine negociating a playsuit in a portaloo.
On another note, I'm going to Electric Picnic. No plans of yet but the decision has been made.
So here we go. As always give me your thoughts!

*Glastonbury Wears*


She looks like she's stepped out of another era. Love the dress, great shoes. A-mazing hair. She's at a festival how can her hair look that good!
Those shoes are fantastic. I want some. The bag stands out against the rest. Great shirt. Denim shorts but sometimes it's nice to fit in. :)

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Bad shoes. It doesn't look like it but she insists she's wearing shorts. The bag looks like one I used to bring to school. I believe it was purchased in a hardware. No joke. Bad. Badges are just very 5 years ago. I like the hat and the hair. From the neck up it's all good.


Pixie is my favourite Geldolf, without doubt. This is not good though. I normally love black on a sunny day. It stands out from all the florals and pastels. This is wrong though. Socks look like they've been borrowed from her dad. Clearly no bra for Pixie. She forgot her trousers. Terrible sleeve on the curtain. I have little issue with the bag.

*And the Rest*

Was going to leave it at just a Glasto special this week but I just had to include Sienna. This is a great look. The beige with the grey is gorgeous. It's summery and pretty and so very Sienna. Great shoes. She doesn't get much wrong.

Kate Moss can do little wrong either. Love these shoes. And love that it's all grey but still manages not to look like she's heading to a meeting. That belt is really nice, nice enough that I actually notice it anyway!

What a ride. Don't care how old she is. If you have those legs, glue yourself into PVC and wear it forever. I'm jealous.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Ok, so first off I'm not a Jolie fan. Team Jen 4 LYF. But, I am being impartial in this one. The shoes look funny it's like the weren't meant to be a peep tow they just didn't have enough material to cover the toe. They look like unicorn hooves. The dress does not fit. The bracelets nice, as is her hair.

Clearly Nicole was disappointed I didn't include her last week as she wore the exact same outfit this week. You shouldn't have bothered love, it's not your best look. I love the shoes. And it is a nice outfit. It's just not the Nicole I know and love. She should have lost either the tights or the jacket. It's LA it can't be that cold!


I love Britney. I always root for her. I paid a frickin' fortune to go see her in Dublin. I love her. I do not love this. What is that on her feet? No seriously what? Bad extensions, the top is a hideous colour and the bag with it? Just no Britters, no. I still love you though.

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  1. ahh so many great pics!
    looove florence@glasto, sienna looks gorge here to, elle is HOT! and mossy always looks fab

  2. I heart florences' hair. I have a thing for red hair. Alexa is probably my fave, mostly cos her shirt is great and I'm jealous of her legs. And Britney? Just go back inside,'re scaring the kids.

    :) Great post xx

  3. Florence is just the epitome of cool isn't she? I honestly can't get over that dress!

  4. Great pictures. Florence Welsh and Alexa Chung are definitely my favourites.:)SarahD

  5. oh dear me, how amazing does Florence look?! Only she could wear a cream sheer goddess dress at a festival - nothing but love for the woman!

  6. thanks for coming by our blog , great post , has alexa ever got it wrong ?!
    keep coming back , looking forward to hearing more from you :-).


    wardrobewars girls

  7. Florence is just wonderful. I love the victorian white dress against her fiery red hair.