Saturday, July 3, 2010

My angel face is disguise for the devil inside

I quite like Lily Allen.
I like that she speaks her mind. I like some of her music. I like her style. I love her hair. I like her unashamed fondness for an older man. I don't like that she retired from music. I don't like her slagging matches with other celebrities. I don't like the way Perez Hilton makes her out to be a raging alcoholic. I like that she's one of Karl's Chanel girls. I like her sense of humour.
I like her in Miu Miu...
Lily Allen Elle Magazine August 2010 Cover Photo - United Kingdom
Elle UK, I quite like it as a fashion magazine. I'm going to be predictable and declare Vogue my favourite. Vogue can be very hit and miss with covers however. I have yet to find a Elle cover I disliked as much as this one
Blake Lively Covers Vogue Magazine June 2010
Mario Testino rarely does wrong but, this is just bad. Far too weak for a cover shot.
Elle, always wins with covers in my eyes. W is not too far behind it.
Sometimes, I think I prefer Elle UK covers. The US edition disappointed with the Fergie cover. After watching The City I am full sure it was only chosen to piss off Olivia Palmero. A poor reason for a cover choice if I ever saw one. Although, despite the airbrushing, this was pretty good.
Rihanna Elle Magazine July 2010 Cover Photo - United States

So, here we go cast your votes.
For 2010 so far who wins Elle Uk or Elle US.
Who goes - you decide.


Helena Christensen Elle Magazine January 2010 Cover Photo - United Kingdom
Lady Gaga Elle Magazine January 2010 Cover Photo - United States


Natalie Portman Elle Magazine February 2010 Cover Photo - United Kingdom
Jennifer Lopez Elle Magazine February 2010 Cover Photo - United States


Liv Tyler Elle Magazine March 2010 Cover Photo - United Kingdom
Keira Knightley Elle Magazine March 2010 Cover Photo - United States


Chloƫ Sevigny Elle Magazine April 2010 Cover Photo - United Kingdom
Taylor Swift Elle Magazine April 2010 Cover Photo - United States


Demi Moore Elle Magazine May 2010 Cover Photo - United Kingdom
Fergie Elle Magazine May 2010 Cover Photo - United States


Kylie Minogue Elle Magazine June 2010 Cover Photo - United Kingdom
Kristen Stewart Elle Magazine June 2010 Cover Photo - United States

I love that Natalie Portman cover. I want to frame it. UK pretty much win all for me. Apart form Lady Gaga in January and Kiera Knightly in March. Love Kylie's cover she is a-mazing.
(Oh, PS. The Rihanna cover is the US version of the Lily Allen!)
Who wins for you?

I'll leave you with this one. I don't know why I like it.

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  1. I'm with you on the UK winning pretty much all of them... HATE the Kristen Stewart one, the Taylor Swift one and the Fergie one. Loved Natalie Portmans the most (but thats because I'm IN love with Natalie Portman) and loved Demi Moores one too. xx

  2. Uk defo wins! majority of usa ones are just medium close ups of a celeb! bit boring really, same as every other magazine!

    LOVE Lily Allen to!


  3. I have to agree with you UK wins! Although I'd have to say that Elle is my favourite magazine, I mean I love Vogue but Elle wins for me

  4. Love this post miss. The covers are amazing. I have five years of Vogue all filed away but I have my favs in frames in the living room. I declare myself a Vogue girl. L.x

  5. Yeah that Blake cover was awful! So 'college magazine'-ish! UK Vogue and Elle covers are nearly always, better quality paper!
    But Elle have really up-ed (lol, is that right) their game in the last couple of years!

  6. It's funny, I have that US Vogue with Blake Lively right beside me on the table and was just thinking how it's all just a little bit too. . . not Vogue.

    Like, despite loving the sweater she's wearing, that's it. There really wasn't much else convincing me to buy the issue. But I suppose it's always gonna be trickier for a guy to get drawn in.

    To be honest, and sticking within Vogue, UK is the best for writing. Italian and French are best for their amazing, amazing, amazing shoots, and well, I only buy US because I adore Grace Coddington.

    Would you agree?

    PS, as the days roll on and on I'm more tempted to pick up Spanish, Russian and Japan Vogue but the purse string can only stretch so far.


  7. For a sec I thought that was a UK Vogue with Blake Lively. Thank goodness it isn't!
    Dry, dry, dry. Elle all the way.

  8. Hermia - That is exactly what I thought! Give me a camera and a pretty mate and I'll produce a cover like this. It's so disappointing.

    Stephen - I know exactly what you mean and you'd think, that with Mario Testino shooting it, it would be very Vogue.
    Italian and French win hands down for their editorials. They simply can't be beat. I give credit to Carine Roitfeld for that I love her as much as I love Grace.
    I've never really been impressed by Spanish Vogue but I've loved some of the editorials in Japan and the advertising in Russian is always very striking and hard hiting. For Russian brands anyway. Is it pathetic to buy a magazine for its ad space? Oh well!

  9. Here's a DIY of the Miu Miu dress Lily Allen wore on the cover of Elle UK- I really think you'll like it, it looks nearly identical.

    Great Post! Im now following your blog :)