Monday, July 26, 2010

How do you know the last swing weren't your last for good?

I'm all about the packing these days.
I'm leaving Sunday so I'm currently trying to decide what to leave behind. 'I might wear that' and 'I could wear that one night' will not cut it.
I've learned from my mistakes and I'm determined to have organised outfits.
It's never gonna happen.
Here's some of my summer wear inspiration...
Bank White Dress, Garage Shoes Military Boots, Topshop Gold, Mirror Necklace
Charity Shop Crushed Velvet Shirt, Charity Shop Tarten Highwaisted Shorts, Charity Shop Red Belt, Birmingham Market Spotty Tights
My must haves are denim shorts, a sheer white tee, a scarf (to accessorise and to turbanise), leather shorts, my white priest dress and my new shoes.
What are your holiday must haves? And what will I forget to pack?
Tell me now, I'll hold it against you if I forget something. :)

And if I can't pull off a turban look like this..
I'll settle for finding a way to not only get my hair like this, but also freeze frame it like this, for the next couple of weeks :)

Images via, jak&, stockholmstreetstyle.feber


  1. cool must haves!
    have a good travel!

  2. I always seem to forget plug adaptors. Only so much hair primping you can do with a cold straightener or curling iron. :)

    Ooh, love her that that Isabel Lucas girl that used to be in Home & Away? x

  3. A cross body bag is always an essential for me on hols - perfect for any time of the day or night!

  4. Love every single photo. Now wanting to go on holiday!X