Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If I fall I hope I'm near you, it wouldn't be the same without you

September issues.
Possibly the best issue of every year. March close second for obvious reasons.
The September Issue made me love Grace Coddington. I want her to adopt me. Only for a little while though, I'd miss my own muv. It also made me love Anna Wintour. But, Grace Coddington won with the shot of the camera man. You can't airbrush out his beer belly! If you haven't seen it do. Go now. Buy, rent, watch. Go!
Where was I going with this?...Oh, yes. The cover stars have been announced.
Vanity Fair has Lady Gaga
Vogue has snapped up the gorgeous Halle Berry
Julia Roberts for Elle
Harpers Bazaar are going with Jennifer Anniston
And fortunately for W, Lindsay Lohan is locked up so they are having unknowns for their cover.

I want to see what Vanity Fair does with Gaga. It could be wonderful.
Harpers Bazaar and Jennifer Aniston is a snoozefest. They should do something completely unexpected. I know Jennifer is the All-American girl and plain sophistication is her thing but once it would be nice to see her in something that isn't black, or white, or blue. Stick her in this bad boy.
Alberta Ferretti Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
And put her gorgeous hair up. Just something different for the love of god!

Vogue declared Halle Berry a while ago. Great choice for them. Pair her with Patrick Demarchelier and they're on to a winner.
Julia Roberts for Elle. Can't remember the last time I saw Julia on a cover. This one could be interesting. You know my preference of UK Elle covers but perhaps US will get it right with this one.
W had a lucky escape in fairness. They'll have to work hard to get this cover to compete though!

What do you think of the choices? Which one will you be buying?


  1. Ooooh Im interested to see what they do with Julia R! And Halle Berry would look amazing in anything...

  2. The Vanity Fair cover will be great! I'm just tired of Vogue pushing celebs on their covers! It's a FASHION magazine, not another celeb mag. I do like Halle, but she's hardly a trend setter! I really wish they'd stick with models because they don't take over the magazine...the don't overshadow the fashion *sigh*

  3. Very true and I completely agree. The unfortunate truth of it is, a famous face sells magazines. It's sad that W with a group of unknown modals will struggle to compete with a Jennifer Anniston cover..

  4. how amazing is that dress the model is wearing?!

  5. I thinkkkk Halle was a mistake, to be honest. She's gorgeous, but nothing special, fashion wise. Although Demarchelier would make anything look spectacular.

    I'd probably buy Julia on Elle. x

  6. I agree with all the opinions on Halle. She is absolutely beautiful but doesn't epitomise style and definitely isn't a trend setter. I'd love to see Abbey Lee, Freha or Karlie make the cover of a September issue. Either way, I'm SO excited and buying them all!

  7. I think that the Halle choice is more about having a black female on the cover of a September Issue to be honest..it's sad but true that a 'celebrity' will sell magazines.