Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You're my favourite

I'm going on holidays!
Bitta sun is just what the doctor ordered. Except, I didn't go to the doctor, and I doubt he would prescribe sun, unless of course what was ailing you was a severe deficiency of Vitamin D. Even then he'd probably tell you to take a couple of pills. What a ridiculous saying.
Either way, I'm off.
Holidays mean packing. Which, to me, means shopping.
Here's what I'mma gonna buy.
holiday.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlog

It's quite 'back to the 90's' I shall have leather shorts though. I dream of leather shorts.

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  1. Those browny shorts are FAB!

  2. The leather shorts are great - and the shoes!

  3. LOVE those brown coulot type shorts. Yum.

    Also...JEALOUS that you're going on hols. Would love to jet off somewhere right about now.x