Monday, August 30, 2010

It looks like the word's got round

Just a quick Emmy Awards mention.
I wasn't going to bother. The Emmy's rarely overly impress me, but this year, something happened...I liked some of the dresses. Nothing incredibly stylish. I mean, Lea Michelle wore a curtain. Lot's of prettiness though. What do you think?

Kelly Osbourne owned it. She may aswell have worn a tshirt with 'Luke Worrall, you are an idiot' written on it. Instead she wore this, and looked like a knockout.
Right what is there to say. She's gorgeous. Kind of wish the waist was a little more defined. The fact that it's not makes it a little disproportionate, given that it's desperately short on her unending pins.
She's so freakin CUTE!
No idea who she is. Love the colour. And the bodice is beautiful. Monique knows her shit.
Looks better than her daughter. The woman is a legend.

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  1. I love Kelly (as in Osbourne not, eh... myself)! She looks great! Silly Luke.

  2. Love kellys dress she looked amazing!

  3. Oh that's Kira Sedgwick from The Closer! I liked January Jones' dress too... I didn't keep on top of this though. Just saw a recap on TV while at the gym last night. Did you see Betty White? Bless her!

  4. the third pic (cant remember her name!) is a right out winner for me. Agreed, she is just toooo cute.