Thursday, September 23, 2010

Again for false affection

London Fashion Week

Spring Summer 2011 Collections

David Koma

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Maybe it's just after New York where everything was quite functional and structured, but the London collections seem quite random and thrown together. By comparison no doubt. I think that is why I loved Komas collection. I recommend you flick through it on or watch it on youtube if possible because it is captivating. Despite the minimalism of the clothes it enthralled me. You watch it develop and feel it grow as one piece blends seamlessly into another. Excuse the pun. I've set hopes up. It was far from perfect, I wasn't mad on the gold pieces. The structure of the clothes were supported by the well planned structure of the show, and for that alone, David Koma, you've got a fan.

Marios Schwab

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The first few looks were, in my eyes,straight out of the costume closet from The Runaways. Grungy, 90's, kinda cool, if it wasn't all so costume-like and dare I say it, cheap. I was iffy, and then, it got really pretty. And then I understood it. And then I clicked on to the last look, which was utter perfection. Mario Schwab consider your ass saved.

Basso & Brooke

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One of my pet peeves is writing on clothes. I hate it. Especially those slogan t-shirts 9 out of 10 boys in coppers choose to sport. Anyway, for some reason the fact that this collection was covered in the printed word didn't deter me. It's not as dominant as previous Basso & Brooke collections have been, but, clearly in my eyes that is only a positive. It works. It's wearable and it's quite pretty.

Antonio Berardi

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Timeless, classic, absolutely gorgeous collection. I love it all. Berardi clawed out of his skin tight dress and produced one of my favourite London collections. Love.


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'Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking'
They all went for a roll around in a meadow and this is the result. A little granny chic at times but gorgeous nonetheless.


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'Get the London look'
Want the London look? Get Giles. It's street style, it what you'd see in Victoria Station, in Camden Market, down at Canary Wharf. It's quite 90's and yet, it's just plain cool.

Topshop Unique

tu1.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlog
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A mish-mash I think is the best phrase. Huge collection also. I suppose on the assumption that the more pieces the more there is to like. It didn't fail. Some I hated, some I loved.

Burberry Prorsum

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For the first thirty looks I was bored, seen it all before. Then it got interesting. A metallic trench here, a studded shoulder there, neon belts galore and even a little leopard print for good measure. I can get on board with a versatile Burberry. Impressive.


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It's cute and very wearable. I mean you could see Sienna in almost all of it. In fairness, they're on to a good thing there. Who doesn't want to dress like the Millers.

Charles Anastase

ca1.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlog
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ca3.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlog
I've always loved Charles Anastase. I love how preppy he can be and in the same stroke of genius be completely edgy and off the wall. His clothes speak, I know that's so lame but, seriously his collection tells a story. He creates, not only a woman, but often several and unifies them in a scenario which is unique to his vision. A vision, which he willingly shares with us. I love him. And those shoes are simply awesome.

Sass & Bide

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Easily my favourite London collection. There was not one look I didn't love. Different, unexpected, but, truly amazing.

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  1. Love the Miranda Priestly injection there, TOTALLY fitting.

    LOVED Burberry Prorsum and Sass & Bide - although I knew I would. Love the nude, flowy Berardi dress, hate the Giles dress on Kelly Brook... Marios Schwab was SCREAMING Joan Jett and I liked the full skirts on David Koma. Great shape for my figure, thats probably why.

    Super post, as always!! xx

  2. Wow great post. I love Koma's collection - love the edge to the designs.
    Laughed out loud at the pic from the Giles collection with the pink fluffy thing on yer ones head!!!But I actually love his collection - great, great, great!!!

  3. I thought Joan Jett and the Runaways as soon as I saw Marios Schwab too!

  4. Burberry Prorsum rarely fails to impress me, and this time is no different :-)

    And I agree about the Runaways, in fact the first thing that sprung to my mind when I saw those pics was Kristen Stewart in her "thou shalt not wash" phase.

    On a side note, I wonder how much hairspray Topshop went through??

  5. @aisling - love a bitta Priestly, that scene is brilliant! And bit with the bargain bin blue! Apparently the whopper breast thing in Giles collection is to do with a Christina Hendricks inspiration. Bit OTT in my opinion.

    @kellebelle - the structure is incredible adore it. Yeah but it works on the look as a whole I think, although not really 'ready to wear'!

    @hermia - definitely! his muse is played by Bella, kinda off-putting!

    @KC - A RIDICULOUS amount. Still, made me want to invest in a crimper!