Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frock Candy - 22.9.10

It's Wednesday again. London is gonna be dealt with the same way as NY, ie. all the fashion week clobber will be in a seperate post. Hope everyone's cool with that?!
Arthurs Day banter Thursday where will you all be? Should be fun!
Also, I loved This is England. I loved parts 1 and 2 of This is England 86. I loved the clothes. I loved Lol's hair. I hated tonights episode. It was so hard to watch I actually felt quite ill. Dort.
I'm rambling. As ever, let me know what you think lovelies.


She looks incredible..again...whatever.
Fair play Whitters. You were knocked a couple of points because I'm not mad on the shoes but that bag saved yo ass.
It's old Hollywood glamour...with a watch. Lose that please love. Beautiful regardless.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Been debating over this. I kinda think she's too short for it, and her posture doesn't help. It's a nice look but then I look closer and the dress just looks like something the Little Mermaid would wear, if like ya know she became evil because of a spell, and had legs...I watch too much Disney. On second thoughts, it would be gorgeous as a mini.
It's grand. COMPLETE Snoozefest though. Seriously dull.
Cheap looking floral print. Don't think silver jewellery is right. Shoes are aiiiight.


Jeans would have been better than those weird tights. Better though.
You're gorgeous, but what the fuck is that top? No. With tights too? No.
Ok, you're curvy, WE GET IT. Bad shoes. Top doesn't go at all. Jealous of her hair.
So that's just hacked into debs material hung round her neck. Why?

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  1. Olivia looks great... she can do no wrong!

    Eva Mendes looks completely swamped in that dress tho!


  2. Olivia looks well, but doesnt she always? I think Whitney outdid her on this occasion though - she's so gorgeous and statuesque...

    I actually really really like Eva Mendes! And Kim K looks fab but not because of her outfit.xx

  3. Oh Mischa, whatever happened to you??

    And WHAT is with that see through top and tights combo? It looks like she glued some tinsel to herself.. wearing a jacket and boots with what is basically nothing more than your bra is just ironic.