Friday, October 15, 2010

Frock Candy - 15.10.10

Ok so with all the Fashion Week madness over Frock Candy can now return to it's rightful place on a Friday. Are we all delira? Good.
As ever, let me know your thoughts!


Gorgeous. Absolute beaut. Kiera and Chanel belong together.
She reminds me of someone here. I love every piece. And her hair is great.
That jacket on almost anyone else? Ridiculous. On Sienna? Freakin' wantable.
If you like Carey, don't go down to Worst. Just keep looking at this. This is a Carey lovers happy place.
I love when MK gets photographed. I love it even more when she's wearing gold sequins and black fur.
She could wear a bin bag and it would be stylish. That's mad skills yo.

Fair to Middlin' Shure

Last week I adored Lauren's look. That is the essence of Lauren though. One minute it's so right and the next just ok. See she tries to be 'fashion' but she plays it too safe and too LA most of the time. Also, I hate when people wear black shoes with anything. As if Lauren didn't have a nice nude pair tucked away. She might have even got a Best (for her sundress in October) if she had dug them out.
Lose the necklace. Seriously she's been wearing it all week. It's fugly. Other than that I like.


First off, those shoes. My granny wears shoes like that, only nicer. The whole thing is so very 90's. Her hair is straight out of a Steps video. I don't like the length of the dress. Or the fact that it's a halterneck. I just do not like.
When the tangoed, big boobed, bandage dress look dies. I will be happy.
God loves a trier. Emma loves people who don't completely overdose on velvet and peroxide.
If there's one thing I hate more than overused black shoes, it's unnecessary waist belts.

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  1. I deffo agree with all your best outfits!!That Chanel dress I WANT IT !! Sienna looks amazing and deffo lovin Ashlees new hair!! x

  2. usually LOVE Kim Kardashian, but not feeling it here...

    Keira and Chanel are a match made in sartorial heaven. I love her.

    Oh and Siennas jacket - fab. Dont even start me on that Mischa Barton bloke.x

  3. Kiera is the clear dress evah!

  4. carey looked so lovely..and then so lost! as much as kiera knightley annoys me for no particular reason, she is always well dressed and she looks stunning here...

  5. Love the first Carey outfit! Not big on Keira's though...I think it's a gorgeous colour and shape, but I don't like this holes-in-the-sides trend!

  6. OMG Kiera looks absolutely fabbb! never been a Kardashian fan... her stylist is way cooler than Kim herself ;P